Welcome to Smart Membrane Solutions. Your Specialist Membrane Solutions Provider for ATDs, Lip Seals and Pilot Plants.

We custom design and engineer membrane filtration components for the dairy industry.

We are true specialists and have a proven track record of 10+ years providing custom solutions to companies of all sizes, including New Zealand and international dairy businesses.

We want to help you keep your plant running efficiently and understand that every part counts.

We understand that the processes are complex and they need to be safe.

Our products are AgriQuality and EU1935/2004 approved, we have an impeccable track record of
service to the New Zealand and International dairy industry.

We pride ourselves on our product quality and on being the most responsive provider of custom filtration
solutions in the marketplace.

Our internal performance standards set our aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours and make the
provision of parts and support to existing clients our top priority.

We are a new Zealand company based in the Canterbury district.

Because fractionating liquid solutions on a molecular level can enable incredible outcomes for all, we have become a world leader in the design and supply of hygienic components integral to the efficient operation of spiral wound membrane technologies.

Removing of salt from sea water (desalination), toxins from human blood (kidney dialysis) or whey proteins from milk; are all phenomenal outcomes of using spiral wound membrane technologies.

The membranes do the fractionation on a molecular level, but connecting many of them together and amassing a large installation to operate at maximum efficiency requires every part to count, we make those parts that just work reliability and consistently under extreme conditions.

Every Part Counts

We understand that every part counts and they must be reliable to maximize your profit.

Better by Design

We are proud of our product quality and performance. Our products are AgriQuality and EU1935/2004 approved.

Responsive Service

We know how important your operation is. We respond to all enquiries and make the provision of parts and support to clients our top priority.

Supplier to the World

We are true specialists and have a track record (since 2002) of providing solutions to companies of all sizes around the world.

We are based in Canterbury and proud to be a New Zealand company making a difference in the world of filtration.

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Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Smart Membrane Solutions has all the parts required for you to maintain your membrane plant. From a 3.8” Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plants, 6.3” Ultra Filtration (UF) Plants or a 8.0” RO or Nano Filtration (NF) Plants.

At Smart Membrane Solutions we believe that every part counts. We understand that you run a complex process with high production time demands. The membrane accessory parts need to be reliable and they must be hygienic and safe. Our products have been designed to ensure maximum access for Clean in Place (CIP) while still maintaining product strength and integrity.
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